Sunday, August 14, 2011

Setting up the Lemonade Stand

This something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time but not really sure how to do it.  I am really excited about this venture because I feel that putting it out into the Universe will increase the chances that all that I am setting out to do will come true (of course with GOD at the controls!)

I am Monica, a single mom of a beautiful 6 (however she will tell you she is 6 and 3/4's) year old girl, who has decided to take some advice that my sister gave me a long time ago when I was facing some tough times.  She told me just make Lemonade!

If you choose to read it, Great!  If you don't well oh well..  I am confident that someone will.  I only expect good things to come out of this, what ever becomes a bump in the road, well I will just pull over, put up my stand and make some Lemonade!

Okay, so I am smiling right now because I see where I am going with this.  I did not know where I was going to start, but I just decided to allow myself to go with the flow.  I am not a celebrity by any means, at least not yet.  So I am at peace with the fact that I will not skyrocket to stardum, but if Oprah Winfrey says my name at least once in my life, I will be happy.

While makin' my Lemonade, you will get a first hand glance at what the "ingredient" will be for that day.  What makes me "Pucker" or what makes me "Smack my Lips"!

Hmmm??? Ingredient you wonder???  Pucker??   Lip Smackin'???  Is dem fight'n words??  No,,,,,  Just a little bit of my humor coming out.  Here are my definitions:

Ingredient:  Topic of the Day.  Good or Bad.  Things that made me smile or challenged me.  Most importantly, did I make Lemonade out of it?  How was it?

Pucker:  I don't like very bitter things so therefore my association with the word "pucker" is dislike hence "things that make me Pucker"

Smack my lips:  When ever this term is heard, well it's a no brainer, just means that it's sooooo good! There you go!!  Are you ready?

So already, I have found something that makes me Pucker!  I have jumped on that wave that many of us Struggling Americans have found themselves on called couponing.  I consider this a blessing simply because being a single mother has forced me to try to take other angles to make ends meet, heck, SURVIVE!  The only problem that I have is that I think some people are getting out of control with it.  Yes, I understand stock piling, Yes I understand buying in mass quantities especially if the intent is to share one's goodies with their local food bank per se'.  However, when one does it because they just want to, well I have an issue with it.  Why would you need 50+ bottles of one condiment just because you have the same amount of coupons for it?  Seriously do you eat that many sandwiches that you need that much?  I think what turned me off most is the well "lets just clear off the shelf " attitude.  That just makes me Pucker! 

So tell me what is your spin on this?  If you had 50 coupons for the same thing, would you clear the shelf or would you leave some for the next person?

Lets Make Lemonade!