Sunday, July 17, 2016


Good afternoon my Loves!! How many of you got to see the Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix called I am not your Guru last night???

If you haven't it's a must watch for you!! I will not spoil it for you my loves as you deserve to fully experience what Tony Robbins is offering through the lens of Joe Berringer. I was not only Captivated, I was emotionally connected and lastly, Super Inspired!!

In my humble opinion his wisdom and genuine concern for humanity is exactly what we need to quench our thirst not just for Spiritual knowledge, Transformation and self imposed barrier removal, it will satiate you on many other levels as well!!  

I am confident that at the very least, you will feel a renewed sense of hope, knowing that you are not alone.  That there are many others that struggle, even more so in this present day where there is so much going on around us.  I am not your guru, is truly worth two hours of your time for it is time well invested.

I would love to know what your thoughts were regarding the movie?  Be Blessed my Loves and Stay hopeful!!  Help in on the way!

Enjoy your weekend my loves..
Enjoy watching this Modest Act of Consciousness

Saturday, July 9, 2016

My Loves...
I am finding it so hard to come up with some kind of encouragement to try to do my part to add some form of silver linning to your day based on the very recent events.

My heart is indeed heavy as I am sure many of yours is.

Whether it be by direct association, or by witnessing the events that continue to transpire before our eyes. How can you NOT Be Sad, Angry, Devastated as the parent, child, spouse, sibling, loved one or friend of someone whom you just learned will NOT be coming home due to an Act of senseless violence?  

The Truth is, No matter the Circumstance, WE ALL Suffer as a Nation!

No matter the how many barriers we all try to erect the walls WE promise to build... WE Are all ONE and tethered by the same line.. 
A LIFE Line!!!

We are not links, we are one line which for a moment due to a significant experience can be severed. We are then either fused back together by Love or Hate. 

There is no more gray area my loves.

All I can tell you is that When there is 
Enough Love.. hate has no choice but to 
whither away.......

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The more I ponder about this idea of Modest Acts of Consciousness, I am moved by the magnitude of the Act. The reason why I call them Modest, is because unlike many who are out there vying for the attention of the Universe via social media, branding and television, you find heroes such as Narayanan Krishnan who was moved to completely transform his life (a life of being born into privilege) and serve the most vulnerable of people within his hometown.  

For Narayanan this was a huge sacrifice, as he gave up his social status aka Caste as what he was doing (feeding and caring for the homeless and vulnerable) was an act that was frowned upon.  

I encourage you to watch this video, as it is truly moving. 
The tenderness and compassion that he exhibits is so genuine and well received by those that he cares for.  As you watch the video, please listen closely to his voice and how he expresses the dire need of the people of his community and what moved him to discover his purpose.  The discovery of his purpose is what triggered his:

Modest Act of Consciousness.  

Check out the video link below.  I am confident that you will be moved just as I am by this love, compassion and kindness.  Please let me know what you think?  How can you help the disadvantaged in your community?

Thank You Narayanan Krishnan!