Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Golden Box

About to make the BIGGEST pitcher of Lemonade as I see the

colorful lemons Pictures, Images and Photos

Barrels of Lemons Coming!

Relax, this is a Very Good Thing!  Remember a while ago why this blog was born, to inform you of those Lemonade Making events in my life.  Lately my heart has been beating at a rapid pace at the possibility to doing more with my life.   One might, well as a single mother who works full time and is raising a child that I must have enough on my plate already.  Well,,,,, we can always pile a little more on top!

Okay seriously, recently having a conversation with a very dear friend of mine, who like me, has a passion for healthcare and just got accepted to Nursing School, Go Cindy!  Like me, Cindy is a single mom so she knows the struggles, and like me, is determined to keep climbing the Huge mountain often put before us as single parents to create a better life for our children. 

What I have realized is that the “Huge” mountain I have been referring to is nothing but an obstacle that I have put before myself to justify a reason as to why I Could NOT, however, if Congress Woman Gabrielle Giffords (one of my Shero’s for sure!) can walk and talk again after being shot point blank in the head, why can’t I start taking baby steps towards my goals? 

After having my daughter, I spent several years licking the wounds inflicted by what I thought was circumstantial injustice when in fact, I had fallen into a potentially terminal condition called victim mentality.  Mind you, some of the things that I did experience did suck and were truly wrong, but on a whole, it too could have been things that just like the mountain I have placed before me, been moved over and left behind in the wake of my progression.  One of my favorite quotes from Joel Osteen is what drives me today and how I try to live.

"When it looks like things could not get any worse, don't give up! You don't know what God has around the corner. Put your shoulders back and boldly declare: "My time is coming. I am a victor and not a victim."
Joel Osteen

One of the biggest revelations of my life is that nothing good comes unless there is prayer.  Now I will keep it real, I am still a work progress where that is concerned but I know and HE knows where my heart is.  Now that the dust has been steadily clearing from my life, I realize that the Precious Peace that I have is because I have asked for it in prayer.  I find that many of the things that I have received have been due to prayer.  Some may refer it to as Law of Attraction and yes I do believe in the Law of Attraction.  I set the tone, the vibration, by prayer and conscious intentions to allow God in my life and he is ever present.  Looking back on many of the circumstances all I can say it is ONLY through God that I survived.

With this being said, I want to Thank all of you for your unwavering love and patience.  Especially my family who is my WORLD! We still have some work to do, but I truly hope you know how much I REALLY LOVE YOU ALL.   My daughter, who by coming into my life has saved me from the depths of my despair, sadness and potential demise.  I would also like to say a Big Thank you to those who listened when all I needed was to talk. Those to blotted the endless river of tears and those who said many, many prayers.  My Mother, who although Alzhemier’s took you away from me, it did not take the love and the lessons that you taught me, I just wish I would have listened more!  Thank You Jesus for the rocky path you put before, for it has made me stronger and more determined to Succeed.   

Finally Moving my Mountain

(This is where you come in!)

You are all about to witness some pretty important milestones in my life.  Yeah there is Facebook for that but, Facebook only allows you a certain amount of characters and twitter only allow you 145 J.  Besides this is my way of sending my message on a greater scale out into the universe!    So consider it a Bucket list if you will, I’d rather call it my Golden Box that when opened, all you see is it’s glistening radiance and inside is all of the things that I plan to achieve mixed with all of the things that I already have.

I plan to share a lot with you on this blog because I want you to be able to share with other people you know who may be walking on the same path that I have.  I guess I could write a book, but at least here you will see information in real time.  Resources, links and what ever else I can think may help the next person. 

So here is step one

I am starting to take some classes to work towards getting into Nursing School.  If you have any suggestion as to what I need to do first, please share. 
Thanks in advance for the feedback. 
God Bless!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"There but for the Grace of God, go I"

“There but for the Grace of God, go I
Dedicated to Homeless American Veterans
Homeless Vets Pictures, Images and Photos

 (John Bradford 1510-1555)

Reasons to Reflect, Give Thanks and Give of yourself!

As I child I heard this saying in the title of a disco song in 1979 by the group Machine.  At nine years all I knew that it had a funky beat and had a good repetitive hook.  However 31 years later it took a completely different significant meaning.

          This morning, while I was getting gas, on my way back to my car I saw a man holding a sign saying “Hungry and Homeless Vet”.  Wow did that ever tug on my heart strings.  My first instinct (God forgive me) was to ignore it as my inner skeptic said to me, “he’s probably not homeless, he’s a rich person in disguise just wanting more money” but my heart could not ignore the fact that perhaps it was God testing my faith in Him and in Humankind.  So I went back into the store and bought him a warm sandwich and a bottle of Tropicana OJ.  Walking over to the gentleman all different kinds of thoughts popped into my head.  Being from New York, if you did not give the homeless money at times they would curse you out.  Just the other day, a man was beaten to death when he did not give a homeless man money somewhere in the states.  So for the most part I guess my fears would have been justified.  But at this point I did not care, I was truly being led to this man.  When I approached him and handed him his breakfast, I could tell by the look on his face that he did not expect it.  In fact, he appeared a little confused.  After the initial shock his bewildered look turned into a smile of gratitude.  After that we both went our separate ways.  When I got back into my car, all I could say to myself was “There but for the Grace of God go I”.  

To take a moment and sit back and think about it, it is so true our lives are not that different of those who are homeless, possibly, just a paycheck or two ago they too may have been reaping the fruits of steady employment, a home a car etc.  

So in this season of Gratitude and Giving, the next time you see anyone homeless, Think to yourself, “There but for the Grace of God, go I” and if you dare, buy them something to eat. 

Friday is Veteran’s Day, there are a lot of homeless American Veterans out there.  I challenge you to do your Duty as a Grateful American and treat a Homeless Vet to a Meal.  While you’re at it, why not Say “Thank You for your Sacrifice”.  It’s the least we can do.    I truly hope that you take the time to read this, even better, I hope that this story moves you to Bless a Homeless Veteran if you see one.  If you do, I would love to know about it.  Please leave a comment on my blog.  If you can you please do me a favor and share this message and ask your friends to do the same?  Let’s make this a nationwide movement this Friday! You can go to your local fast food store and purchase gift cards for as little as $5.00 that can buy them a complete meal if they have a value menu.  Mc Donald’s has them, and so do several other restaurants. 

I have also included the link to the National Call Center for homeless Veterans  There is help out there, maybe they just need US to lead them to it.  Remember that it is because of THEM, that WE are SAFE!

1-877-4AID VET (1-877-424-3838)

Be Blessed Be Well!   

Lets make some Lemonade!