Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Really Wish I Would Have Taken Before and After Pictures.....Loving One' n Only Brazilian Tech Smoothing Conditioner

This is my Chick!
Recently, I had purchased this product from my local Sally Beauty Supply store called One' n Only Brazilian Tech Smoothing Conditioner. So the main reason why I purchased this product was because it said Keratin, it smelled really good and for the price I figured, why not?
Once I made home, my new purchase stayed in the cabinet where all of my other impulsive purchases go until either someone comes to my house because they need something and know right where to look, or in this instance, when I became totally guilt ridden and desperate because I had over processed my daughter's hair.
Poor little girl, she already had to deal with having a tender scalp, combination hair that is primarily coarse and with very tight curls, and now dealing with her mom who wanted to save some money by trying to loosen her texture and tight curls with a do it yourself kit. While I had done this many times before, it seems that this time, I over processed it. I don't know what I did wrong, all, I know, is that by the time it was done, it looked like a unfortunate mess. It took what I recall forever that night to try to blow dry her hair and as it was so dry and brittle, I had a hard time parting it and getting the comb through it. It was even worse, trying to use the round brush on it. When I was finally done, it looked like a petrified mess. I did manage to put it in a pony tail and send her off to school the next day. While unpacking from my recent move, I came across this tall white bottle with bright green writing that said KERATIN on it. I thought to myself, well at this point from all of the things that I have heard, KERATIN is supposed to be good for damaged hair. I was at this point eager for my daughter to get home from school so that I could try it on her. Having already trashed her hair, I just thought to myself, what damage can this really do?
As soon as she came home from school, I asked her to go into the shower, she looked a little puzzled as it was before dinner and still light outside. Clearly, I had just disrupted her regular routine; however, being the good little girl that she is, she obeyed. As I began to wet her hair, I could smell that dreaded burnt smell, a combination of the product that I used and the flat iron which I tried using to make her hair look a little presentable. Most likely, I used it with the temperature way too high!
After using shampooing her hair, I applied a large amount of the One' n Only Brazilian Tech Smoothing Conditioner. The moment I put it on her hair, I could immediately feel a difference! The true test came when I was able to effortlessly pass not only a wide tooth comb, but a narrow, VERY narrow toothed comb in her hair. I was pleasantly amazed and astonished at the same time. I thought to myself, how could this product, priced perfectly for a single mom's budget, in a simple white bottle, with green bold lettering do such incredible things?" Well to my complete awe and satisfaction it did! No only did it restore her hair almost completely, it left it so shiny and manageable. I was able to blow her hair straight in record time. A total plus for a mom on the go! I even used it on my hair. Our textures are not the same, but due to color treating and over working with heat products my hair also was in dire need of repair. All I can say is that I am so very pleased with this product. So much so, I needed to let you know about it. I am so pleased with the results of just using the conditioner, that I am looking forward to trying out the rest of the line. You can find the One' n Only Brazilian Tech Smoothing Conditioner at your local Sally Beauty Supply, if you don't have one in your area you can check it out on line at 
Please follow my blog as I will be trying other products and I will let you know what I think!
God Bless and GOOD HAIR!!.
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