Sunday, July 17, 2016


Good afternoon my Loves!! How many of you got to see the Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix called I am not your Guru last night???

If you haven't it's a must watch for you!! I will not spoil it for you my loves as you deserve to fully experience what Tony Robbins is offering through the lens of Joe Berringer. I was not only Captivated, I was emotionally connected and lastly, Super Inspired!!

In my humble opinion his wisdom and genuine concern for humanity is exactly what we need to quench our thirst not just for Spiritual knowledge, Transformation and self imposed barrier removal, it will satiate you on many other levels as well!!  

I am confident that at the very least, you will feel a renewed sense of hope, knowing that you are not alone.  That there are many others that struggle, even more so in this present day where there is so much going on around us.  I am not your guru, is truly worth two hours of your time for it is time well invested.

I would love to know what your thoughts were regarding the movie?  Be Blessed my Loves and Stay hopeful!!  Help in on the way!

Enjoy your weekend my loves..
Enjoy watching this Modest Act of Consciousness

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