Saturday, July 9, 2016

My Loves...
I am finding it so hard to come up with some kind of encouragement to try to do my part to add some form of silver linning to your day based on the very recent events.

My heart is indeed heavy as I am sure many of yours is.

Whether it be by direct association, or by witnessing the events that continue to transpire before our eyes. How can you NOT Be Sad, Angry, Devastated as the parent, child, spouse, sibling, loved one or friend of someone whom you just learned will NOT be coming home due to an Act of senseless violence?  

The Truth is, No matter the Circumstance, WE ALL Suffer as a Nation!

No matter the how many barriers we all try to erect the walls WE promise to build... WE Are all ONE and tethered by the same line.. 
A LIFE Line!!!

We are not links, we are one line which for a moment due to a significant experience can be severed. We are then either fused back together by Love or Hate. 

There is no more gray area my loves.

All I can tell you is that When there is 
Enough Love.. hate has no choice but to 
whither away.......

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