Friday, June 10, 2016

I have taken a fairly long hiatus from Blogging for the sake of trying to reconnect with my authentic self.  I have to tell you, this is not an easy task as I have learned there are so many layers to me that I have no idea where to begin?  Have you ever been there?  So lost within yourself that any inner compass you have left just seems to keep on spinning and spinning?  If the answer is "Yes" then not only do I warmly welcome you to my world, I invite you to get comfy and stay a while!  We may just inspire each other, and truthfully that is okay with me!  

What I am painfully learning on this Journey.....

I am learning just how much the world is starving for attention and will do just about anything for it.  This is something that is very sad to me.  Because while in one hand, I can truly appreciate the practicality of a good "USEFUL" viral video, I am repulsed by the ones that are dumbing down society and are not only adulated, they are well compensated.

So the burning question now lies.... 
How do we return to the basics???
How do we return to that place in time when Humans interacted with each other without a phone, a computer or a video game in their hands???  Call me old fashioned, call me traditional,, All I can say is that I MISS Humans!!!

My goal is to enlighten, not to frustrate, nor command you into radical change for all I am doing is thinking out loud and inviting you to Lovingly partake in my thoughts without ridicule or judgement 
in hopes of a cure.  
A societal cure would be nice, but I am happy with.... 

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