Saturday, December 31, 2011

Put Your Money Where Your MIND is!!

Want to be Rich?

You MUST think Rich!

In your mind, You must See yourself Rich!

These are the teachings of the Law of Attraction.  There is a vast amount of information out there written by Authors who not only talk about the Law of Attraction, but they Live it and teach it! Some of my very favorite ones are Jack Canfield, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitali, Dr. John Di Martini, W. Clemment Stone, Napoleon Hill,  Dr. Michael Beckwith, James Arthur Ray,
Rhonda Byrn who made the movie the Secret which I remember seeing for the first time on the Oprah Winfrey Show several years ago. 
As a matter of fact, several of the authors that I mentioned above are featured in the Secret.  I am just scratching the surface here, but I encourage you to look into this it if you want your life to change in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

     For the New Year, I have decided that I am going to dedicate the entire year of 2012 to practicing the Law of Attraction. This is the first of many entries where I will share with you about what I am intending for myself, the progress and what exactly I did to make it happen. This way, if it's something that you would like to change in your life, you can just take some tips from me or any of the other far more experienced teachers of the Law of Attraction and try it for yourself.

      First off, I can tell that it is already working, because you are reading this Blog.  My intention is to create a constant, supportive and loyal reader base and the mere fact that you are still reading gives me hope! The next thing I want to do is give you a Million Dollars!!   Well not a real Million Dollars but this picture of a Million Dollars.   I suggest that if you want to try have an abundant 2012,  

Print this image of a million dollars and put it in your wallet and forget about it.  My hope and intention for you is that it will manifest itself completely.  The reason why I suggest that you forget about it once you have put it in your wallet is that I do not want you to become discouraged if it does not happen right away.  If you can be positive and trust that it may eventually come to you, then you can leave it in a place where you can look at it regularly.  As a matter of fact, I have one in several places, I have it on my desktop, in my wallet, and on my wall.  Think about what it would be like to have a million dollars, even better, just try to imagine what it would be to have more than you already do? 
Positive visualization is key here.   W. Clemment Stone once said Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” 

So start making it happen!  You can do this with any area of your life, I am just using the example of a million dollars but try it with your health, relationships, etc.  For those of you who are hearing this for the first time, start getting yourself familiarized by watching the Secret, by Rhonda Byrn.  I purchased the moved back in 2007 and recently purchased it again on ITunes so that I can watch it when and where ever I want.  Then get some of the books from the featured authors.  Stay tuned for my next chapter!!  Good Luck!  Have a Very Happy, Healthy and PROSPEROUS New Year!!


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  1. We can achieve!! You will see't....
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